kappa express

Enabling academic and athletic success


Kappa Express was founded in 1977. Kappa Express’ mission is:

To develop and sustain an organization strong enough and focused enough to provide quality youth activities for young people in the Lansing Community.

years serving lansing community youth


charlie brown

john bucker

george cannon


sam mcghee

eddie robinson


harold singleton

willard walker

Special thanks to the many Kappa men who have made such a positive impact on Kappa Express by giving their time to coach!
  • Kirk Branson
  • donovan Brittain
  • George Cannon
  • Deyeya Jones
  • Amari Kelley
  • Rollie Stephens
  • William Tansil
  • terrance Warren and
  • Kahlil Wasson*
(* indicates Chapter Invisible).

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